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Hello & welcome to The Wisdom Project.
This is your dose of human curated wisdom in a world full of algorithmic noise.
This site is essentially a resource for Thinking Better.
Thinking better about our health, our wealth, our relationships, and the world.
Thinking is a critical skill for the human animal.
It’s what takes the human race forward. That’s how we do innovation, art, society and culture.
It’s what sets us apart from the monkeys.
But in the age of infinite stimulation, humans are losing out on this critical skill. And dare I say, acting more like monkeys than humans.
Without digressing, let me introduce the site to you.
The Articles are the blog posts we write on interesting topics like cognitive biases, mental models and other tools of thinking and living better..
We are big fans of listening to podcasts, so we have also started writing Notes of those podcasts. You can can find them all in the aptly named section – Podcast Notes
We have musings, like all people. Bouts of inspiration, that we indulge in, and write them out on a computer. If you care, you can find our musings in the Creators Corner.
Before I forget, we send out a letter every weekend, filled with Wisdom on a variety of topics. It’s like a healthy + tasty diet for your Mind. Hand curated for friends, from friends.
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Lets do one thing, lets not be strangers.
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